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The NAMI Basics is a 6 week session education program designed for parents and other caregivers of children and adolescents with symptoms of mental illness. The biology of mental illness, how to get an accurate diagnosis and how to effectively work with school mental health systems is learned about.

Family to Family


This is the signature NAMI Education Program for families, caregivers and friends of individuals living with mental illness. This free course is designed to facilitate a better understanding of mental illness, increase coping skills, and empower participants to become advocates for their family members. The class is taught by trained family members and meets for 10 - 2 1/2 hour sessions. 

Ending the Silence


NAMI Ending the Silence is a guest speaker school program raising awareness, encouraging early identification and intervention and giving a human face to mental illness. By providing a realistic view of recovery and starting a dialog with the students, this program removes the fear and mystery that is often the result of the silence surrounding what can feel like a scary topic,

Peer to Peer Class


NAMI Peer to Peer is a unique, recovery educational course open to any individual living with a serious mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining wellness and recovery. This free course consists of 8 - 2 hour classes designed to encourage growth, healing and recovery among participants. It is taught by a team of two trained "mentors" who are personally experienced at living well with mental illness. 

Peer to Peer Support Group


NAMI Peer to Peer Support group meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10 - 11 am at the Larsen Family Public Library in Webster, WI. 

Provider Education


A staff development program specifically for healthcare professionals who work directly with individuals living with mental illness.